list of works


All works exhibited courtesy of the artist unless otherwise specified.

Barbara Campbell

Rozelle Boustrophedon 2016

graphite frottage on Fabriano paper

150cm (w) x 600cm (h)

Chongming Dao Boustrophedon 2016

1080p HD video, 9:15
editing by Gary Warner

Eugene Carchesio

mystics and prophets 2016

paper, pencil, watercolour, collage

dimensions variable

courtesy Milani Gallery Brisbane

Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Gumnuts  2009

wood, metal

248cm (h) x 189cm (w) x 5cm (d)

Made for KURU ALALA Eyes Open –
Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Alison Clouston touring exhibition 2009-2011

Jeff Doring

After a fire the bush shoots with fresh green 2013-2016

pencil, crayon, pigment and acrylic wash, smoke on Arches paper

dimensions variable, approximately 30m (w) x 1.4m (h)

White 2016

1080p HD video, 50:00

photography and sequencing by Jeff Doring

Lux 2016

1080p HD video, 50:00

photography and sequencing by Jeff Doring

Helen Grace

Thought Log 2016

digital video, text, animation

dual-channel audio-visual installation

1. Train of Thought 2006 1080p HD video 9:00

2. Thought Log 2016 1080p HD video projection 12:00

3. Thought Diaries 2005 ten children’s exercise books, each 16.2cm x 20.5cm

‘crowd-sourced’ thought diaries: Leena Aholainen, Susan Allen, Steffen Böhm, Elly Clarke, Bracha L. Ettinger, Carlos Fernández, Ann-Christine Frandsen, Martin Harris, Tuula Karjalainen, Lee Chia-Yi, Sophea Lerner, Bert de Muynck, Brett Nielson, Ned Rossiter, Marja Sakari, Imre Szeman, Maria Whiteman; venture capital provided by No Budget Productions Inc; Loan guarantor – Future Fund

Josephine Lie

MERAPI : Stories from the Volcano 2011

interactive digital media

Jon McCormack

Colourfield 2009-2016

artist-written software, computer, display monitor

Carl Warner

Error and Illusion 2016

stained opaque black glass

551mm (diameter) x 43mm (d)

single channel video with audio, 5:15 loop

courtesy the Artist and Jan Manton Art, Brisbane

Gary Warner

WaterWalkKyoto 2015-16

3-channel 1080p HD video, customised Raspberry Pi computers + software, 162 mins

Catherine Woo

interface 2016

frottage on metallic paper

20 panels, each 60 x 60cm, 3m (w) x 2.4m (h)

Jon McCormack and Gary Warner

a quivering marginalia 2016

4m diameter geodesic dome structure (jarrah, aluminium, shoji paper), custom bench seat, 
15 x custom-built digital audio devices, custom software, digital audio media

Williams River Valley Artists’ Project

WRVAP collaborative installation by Suzanne Bartos, Neil Berecry Brown, Sue Callanan,
Juliet Fowler Smith, Noelene Lucas, Margaret Roberts, Toni Warburton, David Watson

While We Sleep 2016

lights, model trucks

dimensions variable

individual works by WRVAP artists:

Suzanne Bartos

Spin 2016

repurposed 44-gallon steel drums

2m x 1.5m

Neil Berecry Brown

Babylon 2016

mixed media with scrolling LED signs

dimensions variable

Sue Callanan

You Cooked Yet? 2016

found commercial hair dryers

dimensions variable

Juliet Fowler Smith

So many stories 2016

drawing, photography, mixed media

dimensions variable

Noelene Lucas

While We Sleep 2016

2 channel HD video 3:00, looping

Margaret Roberts

ISDS 2015


100cm x 100cm



each 100cm x 100cm

Toni Warburton

“care and maintenance” 2016

petrochemical derived bedding, cement, coal, soil, crushed sandstone, rubble, metal,
paper, canvas, wood, plastic, contaminated water, images, text, vitrine, notebooks, geological samples
90cm (w) x 180cm (h) x 4m (l)

David Watson

Australian Navigators 2015

Lambda print behind perspex

87cm (w) x 64cm (h)

David Watson + Garry Higgin

The Bridge 2016

commissioned sign, hand-painted by Garry Higgin

3.3m x 3.3m