eugene carchesio

Eugene Carchesio Lives and works in Brisbane Link to artist website   EC_wide_small   works in the exhibition: mystics and prophets  2016 paper, pencil, watercolour, collage dimensions variable courtesy Milani Gallery Brisbane   catalogue text (derived from email correspondence, Eugene Carchesio to Gary Warner 2009-2016): {{ two chairs are waiting for us in Honqiao }} 3.8.11 something about these numbers... i know you know i know you know no moon tonight... thought the thief of light hey buddy had one of those days where things go lop-sided and i kinda knew they would good ol' Cage would say 'no matter what happens - the stars will still be there at night' your colours positive energy very welcome tonight - and a bit of Alice Coltrane… made it to bundanon amazing place staying in the writers cottage a piano! ampitheatre         magic path              overgrown snakes i could sense all over the place... 44 degrees in the shade drawing water colouring EVERYTHING TAKES TIME TIME TAKES EVERYTHING great to be amongst the granite hills of stanthorpe hurts to leave that clear dry thinness of high altitude air morning frosts…. Form & Space … breathing in breathing out sat under a tree pretending to be me [[ i always find ‘emptiness’ inspiring ]] searching for peace looking at junk came across your dashboard monk still here playing ball with the cat (there’s always James Lee Byars…) off to watch some world cup action on tv x mr.e   catalogue pages: EC_pages