barbara campbell

Barbara Campbell Lives and works in Sydney Link to artist website   BC_WIDEtall works in the exhibition: Rozelle Boustrophedon  2016 graphite frottage on Fabriano paper 150cm (w) x 600cm (h) Chongming Dao Boustrophedon  2016 1080p HD video, 9:15  editing by Gary Warner catalogue text: Boustrophedon - ploughs along a line between mud-flats ploughed Yangtze delta mud-flats ( fragile habitat ) and concrete floors scarified concrete floors ] an art school gallery [   [the hospital laundry] hung rubbing - hanging - papered over above below bellows ( calls calling )   OX TURNING rubbing   (gw 2016)   campbell_drawing

Barbara Campbell making her work Rozelle Boustrophedon - a 6m long graphite frottage drawing of a section of the SCA Galleries concrete floor

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