juliet fowler-smith

Juliet Fowler Smith member of the Williams River Valley Artists' Project lives and works in Sydney FOWLERSMITH_installed_small work in the exhibition: So many stories  2016 drawing, photography, mixed media dimensions variable   catalogue text: So many stories Layered and dense with meaning.          Landscapes of memory They said We will dam(n) this valley I said (at their "community consultation"). Did you poison the sausages also? They said We will bring you riches and employment. Sponsor your clubs (but keep out those trouble makers) Name their behaviour. It's called splitting. It wrecks relationships and communities. Thank you John Kaye may he rest in peace He said to me (at my lowest ebb) It's not over till it's over! And yes WE WON So many stories So many loved places. Crisscrossing the countryside And so we came to the landscape of coal mining and CSG exploration Bev said to me with a smile. Saving the Williams River Valley was a textbook campaign. She told me a story of bush dances at WOLLAR. They couldn't all fit in the hall. So half in, half out. "Alright you lot" they shouted” it's the others turn now"! She showed me the phone directory. All crossed out with a red pencil. One   by   one. Take heart.                        Watch out for burnout.           It's not over till it's over. Dedicated to John Kaye 1955-2016 Juliet Fowler Smith Sydney 2016   FOWLERSMITH_chalkboard_small